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friday’s post of cool stuff #54: hurt bankers, build bikes & viral marketing

yes, i’m going to start with “uncool stuff.”

if you patronize any of these corporations, you are getting f***ed. first, your taxes go to them in the form of (drumroll, please) $3,810,000,000,000. that is 3.81 TRILLION dollars. it would be only $310 billion in tax breaks and refunds (meaning they paid NO tax but got hundreds of billions back from the fed or irs or whatever elite bankers club they belong to), but citigroup and b of a got 3.5 trillion when they made bad investments (ie: ripping people off who couldn’t really afford their $400,000 home). that is money you will be taxed on until you die. then your children will be taxed for their mistakes until they die. then their children will be taxed for f***ups the banks made a hundred years earlier. and so forth.

where is my bailout money? i lost my 60k job because my boss was heavily invested in real estate ventures in metro phoenix. don’t i get a hundred grand or something? huh? no?

thought you might like to see the truth from a senator, not only mad me.

“so what? what do you expect me to do about it, trent,” you ask? here is my idea:

get drunk while you google everything about these corporations. you’ll end up ****** off. then, click this link to contact anybody in our government, from the president to your state senators and representatives.

let ’em have it. the f***ing bastards.

now for the cool stuff:

ever thought to yourself, “self, wouldn’t it be cool to have every youtube video that’s ever been posted in bikerMetric in one easy location?” no? well, it happened anyway! check out my stupid f***ing youtube page for every video ever posted on this site, nicely categorized for easy consumption and proper digestion: youtube.com/user/trentreker, where you’ll find classics such as this video made just two days ago:

here are a couple of pix of a clean little honda cl360 cafe by a gentleman who calls himself sausagemahoney. seriously:

i today i received an informative mini rant and some pix from bikerMetric advertiser eric at karnage:

I was thinking again last night. Some s**t has been bothering me like that poser comment. That got under my skin. You know what you’re doing with this blogging s**t, what to say, and killer pics. F**k that guy!

I have relocated my family to a state where we know no one. I don’t know my way around here but still I get on my scary looking, no GPS KZ monster and ride, looking for areas to shoot finished bikes. I cover a decent area without getting lost. I keep going and eventually find a familiar landmark or main highway. I love having my own schedule and being able to hang with my kids, but when everyone is sleeping it’s me time with the bikes. It’s quiet and I get to think “what next” and consider the best direction. I have no type of motorbike building experience and have adapted what I know from the past decade as an HVAC tech and put it to use with these machines.

I’m working in a home garage that we rent. The landlord is cool and lets me get crazy in there even though we rent. It’s not equipped right, has s***ty lighting but enough space to work on more than just one bike at a time. I don’t even know what is going to happen in the future. It’s all riding on the bikes I’m building. Like you, I’m in a sticky situation and am looking to make something happen.

Are we posers? No. We’ve still got a set of ***** between our legs.

You say you want to help me. I love the political s**t you post. Hurt bankers! I feel my mind is somewhat on the same level and with this bike almost complete I tried getting some cool pics to see if I can get the shot we’re looking for. When she’s finished I’ve got two spots in mind for a photo shoot.

The headlight has the led turn signals built in, and I don’t know if I went overboard on the fuses but all the lighting is separated; headlamp, rear running lights,turn signals, and brake lamp all have separate fuses. The ignition has a 30 amp fuse also, and the key is mounted under seat to keep a clean look. The rectifier is mounted under the flat frame panel to help keep it cool. All the seat-mounted lamps are run to quick-connects so the seat is removed easily. I wanted the bike to be built for easy service.

Tried getting some clean shots from the ground to show how clean it looks underneath the bike since this is going to the Dime City Grand Opening next month and Rusty Knuckles will also be there, so I want this bike to be correct to represent Karnage Kustomz well. I advertise on your site and if my s**t doesn’t look good, it won’t help.

All my friends up north don’t see the big deal about these metric machines. F**k ’em. Let’s do this!

couldn’t have written it better myself, eric. my vision is about supporting the little guy in his garage, and that’s you, motherf**ker. you are the bikerMetric poster child. we gotta get a pic of you in rags with a tin cup at a garbage dump! then that guy with the neatly trimmed gray beard and pleading blue eyes can put you in his lap and beseech my readers to contact you for kick a*s, affordable street machines.

“please help little eric. for only four thousand dollars – that’s only eleven dollars a day – you can feed eric and his family and ride away on a killer custom metric motorcycle. won’t you please help?”

also, let’s do some viral marketing, man!

<< hipster traps!

viral marketing, indeed. ’cause your gonna get a virus from that.

[EDIT 04.09.11, 5:00PM CST: check out the comments below if you are interested in more about the topics covered by senator sanders]

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  1. Re the big US Corps not paying their share. . . I don’t know if it’s just spin, but 60 Minutes did a piece on this very topic a while back. According to them, the USA “charges” corporations too much to do business here, that is why most of these companies claim an offshore location as their official base of operations. In there example, the profile a small town in Switzerland as the home base for literally thousands of US corporations.

    Most of these execs refused to speak on camera but the Oracle guy did an interview. He basically said, if the US ever gets competitive on their tax rates to corporations, they’d move their operations back to the US so they could legally be taxed. The business of the US is business right? It just doesn’t make much sense.

    If what 60 Minutes was suggesting is true, then the US tax laws are chasing away investment in this country (and everything else that goes with that, like jobs). They mentioned that the US is even higher the Japan now, on our tax rate for corporations.


  2. you almost had it right with “it’s just spin.”

    cbs is owned by westinghouse, which is part of the “military industrial complex” that president eisenhower warned us about in 1962. westinghouse is not the true owner of cbs, as they are owned by the “nuclear utilities business group,” which is based in great britain. so cbs not owned by an “american” company, but one interested in war and nuclear power. that’s worked out so well for japan, hasn’t it?

    but wait, there’s more!

    on westinghouse’s own website (http://westinghousenuclear.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=171) you will find that in june of 2002 (i googled the date since it isn’t on their page), westinghouse moved their senior vp to england and made him ceo of the nuclear group as part of a massive restructuring that turned the corporation into two business groups:

    “nuclear utilities and government services.”

    literally verbatim.

    since government is owned by private bankers who own the corporations it makes sense for them to own all the media and disseminate their propaganda to the masses. government services, indeed.

    i quit believing anything from the mainstream media long ago, including 60 minutes. the days of murrow and cronkite and rather (who in the end was railroaded because he didn’t play along) are long gone.

    dan rahter’s daughter, robin, is a prominent figure in austin politics from “save our springs” to her current gig as ceo of collective strength (dot com that to find more). i spent a lot of time with her when i hit town after nola/katrina. she won’t discuss the details of her dad’s departure from cbs, but she never refuted me when i told her what i believed about her dad. instead, she simply smiled and thanked me for knowing. then she bought me a beer.

    so that 60 minutes piece wasn’t just spin, man. it’s flat out misinformation and deception provided by those who seek to control you by reducing your ability to do anything but work…. for them.

    you are being lied to and are under surveillance.

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