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friday’s post of cool stuff #47: strawberry flavored malt liquor

2011 triumph | mr.martini

nicola martini, the builder of these moder triumph cafes, is located in verona, italy. his shop is in an old art nouveau building directly in front of an historic triumph dealership.

2011 triumph cafe | mr.martini

about his machines, he says, “dreams are parked here.” they’re dreamy, all right.

2010 black and gold triumph | mr.martini

while we’re on the subject of triumphs lately with falcon motorcycles and the images and links above, let me give a HUGE shout out to the city of london! in the past month you visited bikerMetric almost 200 times more than #2 bangkok, which has been the #1 city for as long as i can remember, which is about six months. then things get kinda blurry. don’t know how i got the uk lovin’, but i’m thankful for it and hope you dig your time here.

my former town of austin still visits a lot as well and is the #4 american city after metro new york, metro los angeles, and the bay area in norcal. austin was never my home and i’ve missed new orleans so much in the past three years that i have to return.

the broken heart

as often happens, i have a facebook acquaintance who has something cool going on. on valentine’s day a group of burlesque dancers are going to model clothes you want your girl to wear and dance like stippers of old, where there’s lots of legs and pasties to cover the nipples.

no worry! it’s vegas where there are plenty of strip clubs and if it’s escorts you want, why not? pay one, take her to dinner, then the show, then your hotel room. all for about a grand plus expenses. and you don’t have to open up emotionally! what a deal. just talk about your job and they’ll smile all night long because you’re a sucker and they’re pretending.

for the rest of you with hope, just go:

lucky 13 apparel burlesque show february 14 at the beauty bar, vegas

you might want to drive this car to the party:

ultra slammed hot rod | ian roussel

and now i’d like to introduce the latest company that trusted me to help their business grow:

1976 honda cb360 cafe racer

the man behind that cafe specializes in fiberglass, metal work, and if he really must, motor rebuilds to original specifications. the bike you see above was built for less than $1,000, including the donor.

i’ll be telling you more about this build and the man behind it soon. come back for that good ol’ cheap and hardcore bikerMetric ethic you love and/or despise.

i’m not here to make friends and suck corporate **** (hey don!), i’m going to do what i believe is right and $1,000 custom metric motorbikes have it going on in spades.

speaking of spades:

that’s some funny stuff. bM’s got a new techTip coming tomorrow, and stuff you really won’t believe until you see it here.

thanks to everyone who comes by, reads, comments, tells a friend, and digs that the future is in inexpensive costom metric motorbike chops, bobs, cafes, trackers, and in hurting all bankers through ****** revolution.

altruism | mathias pedersen

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