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friday’s post of cool stuff! #10

Wow! How rad is this?

Just messing with you guys. This bike is an illustration of everything bikerMetric is not. The bikes we profile here don’t look like they were crapped out by a Borg. They’re rideable and affordable. This bike is neither. Didn’t mean to freak you out. Well, maybe a little but not too much. You never know what’s going to be happening at bikerMetric.

Like this:

When I first found this bike, it was part of the Guggenheim presentation of The Art of the Motorcycle. I snagged a ton of their pro pix and this is one of them. It’s a Böhmerland and somebody knew what they were doing when they built it in 1925. I wish I had one so I could take my woman to work and the punk kid to school in the side car. At the time they were very unconventional machines, as they would be today.

This bike was designed by Albin Liebisch, an innovative Czech dude who was a sculptor, a celebrated motorcycle builder, and all-around knockers guy. Böhmerland bikes were manufactured from 1925 until 1939.

Some of the innovations include a duplex-loop tubular frame, a coil-sprung leading-link front fork and, for the first time on a motorcycle, cast alloy wheels.

1925, man. 85 years later re-creating some of Albin’s work would cost tens of thousands of dollars for just one motorcycle. If you know how difficult that might be to make a bike like this from your garage, imagine what he went through to make bunches of them.

If I can ask *** of one thing, it would be to know what I forgot.

If I’ve used your photo, contact me so I can give you credit.

Frank Zappa!

We don’t need no stinking kickstand!

A brand new girl! Never been ridden! Yay!

Hey. Yes, you. If you scroll over every photo I post, you’ll see stuff.


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