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freedom or death bike build #1

Sent some money to Jeff last Thursday and on Sunday he took off in his blue El Camino to score our 1979 Yamaha XS650 for $850.

freedom or death bike | the build begins
freedom or death bike | stock exhaust

Dig this exhaust.

Seems they only made them with this Gatling gun design for a year or two. Cool. Maybe we’ll do something with it. The guy who sold us the bike is interested in getting the exhaust back, so maybe we’ll do that.

What Jeff and I have decided so far is that it’s going to look a bit like his Saving Grace bike with a long, low gooseneck frame. We’re going to have some interesting handlebars and we’ll be using 21″ 36-spoke rims off some motocross bikes. The silhouette is going to be similar to the bikerMetric logo as seen in the photos above…. maybe. Jeff sends me emails at 3:00 in the morning with a handful of ideas every few days. He’s quite a maniac and I really like him.

It’s my hope that this build catapults him into a place where he can build bikes for a living because that is his dream.

We’ll be back in a day or two with more info on the condition of the motor and the rest. All I know is that Jeff fired it up quickly and tore around the block and determined that the compression was fine.

+   +   +

On other fronts, Jon Ard from Ardcore Choppers is thinking about stuff and when he’s done, we’ll get his interview up asap. He has a lot to say and it’s going to be a very interesting read, folks.

The earthquake in Chile tilted the axis of the earth by about three inches. The end of the world is coming. The poles are going to shift. Shift happens.

Tomorrow I’ll also post a few photos of stuff I’ve seen around Austin in the last week. Some bikes and cars of interest.

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  1. those are just generic emgo dunstall silencers aren’t they?

  2. i know tons of folks dig them on trumps and other brit bikes for $60, as well as a lot of cafe racer-styled metrics, but it seems they’re a big deal on a stock xs. i’ll have to research. thanks, mg.

  3. Ideas at 3 in the morning? My kind of dude… that’s when the best ideas hit me, right out of the blue, then I can’t sleep all night working it out in my head.

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