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el diablo #12

Guess what, mofos? Alex profiled the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE on el Diablo.

He calls it the “FREEDOM OF DEATH MACHINE,” which is pretty funny when you think about it. I have been freed of death many times when death challenged me. Each time I won, laughed, and challenged death again. I’ve got killer scars and a maniacal laugh to prove it.

The machine could not have been done without the help from these great folks:

Working Man’s Customs: Leather solo seat.
Limeybikes: Some kinda mechanic.
7 Metal West: Huge brass ribbed fender.
After Hours Choppers: Brass risers.
Biltwell: Exhaust kit and tons of killer swag (from ChopCult, too) to give away for FREEDOM or DEATH Motorbike Bash.
Lick’s: Distressed leather solo bag.
Fabricator Kevin: Seat hinge.
Bikernet: Beer money for FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE supporters and party goers.
Lowbrow Customs: Free party swag.
Independence Brewing: Beer sponsor for the Bash.

If somebody has stickers they’d like me to place on the bike, shoot ’em at me. The paint started bubbling after three weeks so stickers are gonna cover the half-assedness until I can afford a real paint job. Email trent at bikermetric.com. I’m sure you can finger that out. I’ll email an address back atcha.

Thank you all who helped achieve the creation of this monstrous machine and all who visit bikerMetric.

f*** yeah, gentlemen. f*** yeah…

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