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earth day

yes, something nice today. working to be positive about some things. the new bikerMetric parts are going to make you happy later in the week, which means i’ll finally be able to pay my own rent, but it is a sad day for cap’n trent.

say your prayers and be thankful for what you have, metric mofos. find as much joy as you can before it’s gone.

push yourself as hard as you can, and be careful of others – whether pet or person – who may not want to, nor be able to, regardless of your best intentions, do what you want or need.

oil. nuclear power. coal? pushing the earth too far.

water. air. solar. biofuel? saving our kids and theirs from a planet dominated by the corporate liar ruling a polluted earth. ruined for all but those who seek you spend more money at chinashop.com and where your bachelor degree sets you in a cubicle answering a phone or worse, pushing the buttons on the register to take the money of the hick who has a marini glass and the word “hollywood” tattooed on her kankle….

“hi! what can i help you buy today?”

“how was your shopping experience? did you find everything you need so i can hurt you right now and die a martyr?”

wait. this was supposed to be positive. i buried a dog in the earth today. that’s positive, right? stardust to dirt until the sun boils the planet away and once again, all we thought becomes what we were.

floating is space.

my sad day. sorry. those who shot – excuse me – shop at chinamart get what you deserve selling some chit made in china. **** from taiwan (if only). promises from saigon (heard that before). lies. your job will be to lie to people.

you will know the truth. it’s been happening for decades. the best liars make the most money.

can i get an amen?

after doing a little reading on earth day, which is today, and which most of you gearheads probably could care less about – although you should and the time will come when you’ll have little choice – i came across a story with an image of this cool and clean rat rod. seems that it is battery powered from other photos i found, but unfortunately, i could find no other info regarding the car. would have been nice. if anybody knows anything about it, feel free to comment below.

peace out.

world domination with biofuel!

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  1. can’t wait to meet your wife.

  2. Sorry to hear, you had to bury a dog today. I have had to do it myself, and never want to do it again.

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