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blogger is a giant p.o.s.

hey folks, i apologize for the f***ed up code and **** at the bottom of each post where the share buttons should be. blogger is screwed up and i cannot repair the problem for multiple reasons such as their html editor won’t work, their wysiwyg editor won’t work, and other things i’d rather not enumerate. blogger isn’t responding to about a hundred people posting messages on their help board with similar issues. so i’m just gonna bite the hand that feeds me and say:

thanks for ******** up my site, probably a thousand others, and having no help whatsoever in the form of remedy or even an “we’re working on it” email.

in the meantime, click the title of any post and use the bar at the bottom of every page. on the left is a button that says “share.” that will work for facebook, twitter and more.

this seals it. come mid-summer bikerMetric is going to be on wordpress with a kickass design i put together some time ago but have been too busy to implement. then i won’t have to deal with this half-assed corporate bull***t any longer.


[EDIT 02.28.11: managed to get the screwy share buttons off so the site doesn’t look like a piece of ****, and now am trying to figure out how to get them back, because as usual, blogger is a giant piece of f***ing s**t. thanks for your patience.]

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  1. betcha it’s like keystone kops out there in mountain view. circus music pumping through the overheads. latte douche tuesdays. jugglin practice. five way over-paid non-techie managers to every codeslinger. **** em. it’s miller time anyhow…

  2. That’s sound goog to me.
    WordPress rules!

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