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flogging nubile groovies

a few days ago i was trying to score a ton of new bikerMetric members so i hit flakebook and asked the 230+ members on our page there to come over to the dark side and become a member/follower here. many already are but within 24 hours eight new folks made one of the worst decisions of their lives! congratulations, suckers!

jitesh kishnani: jitesh is an avid motorcyclist from india and a bikerMetric facebook friend. he took an epic motorbike trip on, you guessed it, a royal enfield to a place called manali, in the very mountainous northern india, up toward northwestern napal. he’s got photos of snow and stuff on his facebook page. cool.

Brittany: miss britt (aka: the road trash queen) is another bM fb fan. she’s from lexington, kentucky, she rides her own bike and she works at lexington motorsports. the queen is also a motorcycle safety rider coach for the motorcycle safety foundation. she works there because she has first-hand experience about what it’s like to go down, having 33% of her body covered in third-degree road rash burns, and other gnarly stuff after skidding a phenomenal 500 feet after a wreck she was the passenger of. knowing how to ride and proper riding gear is important, mofos.

this isn’t the kind of bike i normally post here, mostly because i’m not a sportbike fan and this site is geared toward custom bobs, chops, and cafes, but i’m giving props to a tough b**ch so dig her sweetly babeified ride, a yamaha yzf-r6:

i’m glad she likes what is laid down here and maybe she’s thinking of owning a badass bobber or clean cafe some day. regardless, thanks for coming by, brittany.

Matt Kogler: matt lives in costa mesa, california and runs his own tattoo shop, ink addiction, located in a secret location where all the guys hang around and talk about sports. lots and lots of sports. he’s a punk rocker who’s been a tattoo artist for 15 years. matt is inspired by many of our founding fathers including thomas paine, who wrote “common sense,” a revolutionary treatise i’ve quoted here before and which i often meditate upon while i contemplate posting it on bikerMetric in it’s entirety.

X´s: a spanish cat, x’s likes stuff i like, such as el solitario, cafe racer dreams, and the artwork of my friend alex patrocinio, the publisher and graphic artist mastermind of the always gorgeous online mag, el diablo. the illustrated babe to your let was created by alex. if you click her bobbies, they get bigger….

excuse me. i have to wash my nose.

ahh. better.

bsh_magazine: bsh is back street heroes, a british custom motorcycle magazine and another bM friend on fagbook.

i obviously have issues with facebook, don’t i?

anyway, they’re cool and i want a copy! their latest issue, #324, was just released and it’s filled with tasty nuggets from the best looking carpy cafe i’ve ever seen to a royal enfield bobber, a moto guzzi, a party, and a piece about old gold garage. check out back street heroes here.

Sighless: this man is a husband and a father from york, nebraska and it’s righteous to have him around. he rides a slick hardtail cb450 bobber and he’s one of the dudes behind lords of loud, one of my favorite “f**k you if you don’t dig it” chopper blogs. it’s good to see the dudes there get my s**t. thanks, sighless.

Cafè Racer Special: this cat has a pretty cool blog. guess what it’s got lots of? nice.

then yesterday a name appeared that i hadn’t seen in a long time. he was a member of my old blog before i went all independent and s**t, and i can only suppose he’s been out raping and pillaging like a good pirate. welcome back, MUTINY! he has a cool blog that was started over two years ago called mutiny mayhem, but he hasn’t posted since november when he put up a photo of him and sonny barger. hm…. i stole the interesting bike art piece above from his site.

i swear i’ve told you guys this little factiod before but do you know how to tell if you’re a pirate? you just arrrr!

folks, i’ve got to level with you. i have no idea what i am doing. i am not a motorcycle builder, a metalworker, a fabricator, a welder. i’m a former art director-turned-mad poet who loves motorbikes, beer, babes, and other things that start with the letter b.

that was the fifth image i got in google when i searched for sesame street count “letter b.” even better.

the point is that i get questions from people who seem to think i know something, but i don’t. they’re ideas and i am a wordsmith. i put them together like a builder a frame. i can make them do many things and with them i create from our shared dream.

here, maybe it’s only that i dig what a lot of folks either secretly dug, or recently discovered when they looked at much of the custom bike culture of the past decade and thought, “that’s f***ing stupid and costs too much.”

i sometimes feel that i owe folks more than what i offer here and i spend a lot of time writing with people who ask questions i could give five of answers to. i am thankful to be thought of as someone with knowledge and when not so full of myself, humbled by how this site has gone from nothing to something that makes a couple bucks and gives me the ability to say “f**k you,” to anyone and anything i choose.

well, almost. i need what my mother says, the “f**k you money.” but bikerMetric is getting there and i know it. and i’ve never thought about tomorrow when i told somebody to f**fk off.

but i don’t know anything. i’m in this with you. not for you or to beat you or whatever. i’m on the same page as you. right here. now. this place is only an autobiographical journey with changing forms around two wheels. thanks for coming along.

maybe that is my point. sure, the occ family is douchey, tribal armband tattoos suck, loudmouthed weekend warriors bathed in harley clothes made in mexico don’t get the irony, and the uniform of the biker has morphed from jeans and leather to dickies and a trucker hat. why do i care? how do i somehow suddenly know something? i don’t wear trucker hats.

fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.
chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
care about people’s approval
and you will be their prisoner.do your work, then step back.
the only path to serenity.
– lao-tzu

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