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blogger is a giant piece of giant f***ing s**t. after spending eight hours repairing broken image links in my interview pages thursday night, my followers/members disappeared. i saw 243 in my dashboard but when i clicked, there was nothing. i had planned on a friday’s post of cool stuff by thanking 19 f***ing new guys.

also, i’ve found EVERY POST FROM SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 AND OLDER HAS BROKEN IMAGE LINKS. that means no images work on this site past that date. i did not delete them and i do not have the time to re-insert them one by one. my parter/admin sose made backups of the site, including all graphics, when it was taken down early in the month for “violations of terms of service.” ever since then blogger has been a f***ing nightmare.

no longer can i waste my time fighting this half-a**ed f***ing s**t. therefore, no more blogger. i’m done. if i can manage to post or two this week, consider yourselves lucky. otherwise, i have a lot of other things to do besides spending my life running behind blogger to pick up their slimy turds.

have had someone promise to assist me in getting a kicka** new wordpress design working.

i’ve got new reader rides, another “life story” article, a new techTip about building your custom frame, and more. until then, and afterward, blogger can suck my corn-peppered sharts. the new stuff will be on bikerMetric next week unless i feel the need to get something up to amuse you bastards and bastardettes.

additionally, we will have an entire page to assist poor saps using blogger with getting out from under their half-a**ed bureaucratic google regime. i seek to free you all from being censored and having to deal with all these *** damned snafus that keep us from fun, and for some of us, money.

b*tch. don’t f**k with my money.

owning a url with a wordpress site is better than being down for days on end, or not being able to log on to update, or being censored because you like to skull f**k freshly-hurt bankers, bureaucrats and corporate w**** politicians. why doesn’t everybody want to do that by now? why is everybody so complacent?

these words risk more than a drunk guy without a helmet on two wheels going ninety with his arms out like jesus or a bird. even though i am a satirist, a comedian, a social commentator, skull f***ing a rothschild might make some people upset. f**k ’em.

blogger is free. you get what you pay for.

f**k them, too.

in the meantime, keep emailing me your garage-built bikes (i’ve got a couple coming), say howdy if you want us to visit you this summer and fall, and talk to your friends about this s**t.

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