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bike show in tampa coming up

all right you posers. she’s lonely. she needs yer lovin’. she needs to be shown off. use her for a chance at 15 minutes of fame:

meet indigo | now with 36dd’s!

there’s a big ol’ bash ’bout to happen down tampa way at dime city’s new facility in largo, florida on may 14. besides the beer and babes, many cool folks will be in attendance. besides fawning for our attention, there will be a bike show.

a bike show? what kind of bike show?

the kind of bike show with bikes you rode in, that kind of bike show. garage-built, hard-fought for, old cafes and bobbers that see thousands of miles under their rubbers every year kind of bike show.

if your machine isn’t a hunk of s**t, or at least an artfully constructed hunk of s**t, maybe you will get on cafe racer tv with it while winning over $2,500 in **** that you can wear and wrench onto your machine while posing for photographs to be published anywhere we f***ing please.*

1.  enter by 3pm saturday, may 14 at dime city cycles.
2.  metrics and british machines must be 1990 or older.
3.  american bikes must be 1985 and older.
4.  all bikes must be air-cooled.

leave your occ and made-in-mexico harley s**t at home. spray paint your own name on your mexican t-shirt, motherf***ers.

she waits patently, dudes. it’s time to show her off and tell the world what kind of motorbike is important to you. our bikes are reflections of our souls. who cares what some bitter douche on a message board or blog wrote. ride her hard and present her to the welcoming eyes of your peers.

+  cafe racers (4 categories)
  bobbers (4 categories)
+  judge’s choice
+  best in show
+  best antique domestic
+  best antique british/metric

i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct.” i won’t think “peroiod correct….”

ahhh, that’s better. had to get a beer after that. my preference is to f**k “period correct” up it’s tight little a*s, but that’s just me. i’d put a 2002 honda vtx motor into a 1948 indian frame if i wanted to, but i don’t. yeech. way to ruin a vtx.

regardless, whatever you ride, it’s your thang, and at this party, everythang goes and everybody is welcome.

that, i can dig. it will be a blast.

your bike doesn’t have to fit into these categories to attend. if you ride, you’re all right. posers.

* what? you got a problem with that?


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  1. ****!
    Sounds ******* awesome!@#$
    Have fun basterds!

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