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vintage bike of the day: 1934 498cc v-twin bsa j34-11

this overhead valve v-twin bsa made 4.98 horsepower. giddy up, you limey tea garglers.

the model j was was 18% more expensive than other 500cc single cylinder overhead valve motorcycles such as the w34-8, while being not as powerful (.01 less hp). few were sold to the public and therefore the j34-11 motorbikes are rare finds today.

it was manufactured as the first of the so-called “high camshaft” motorcycles. this new technology used shorter push rods for better performance. these were the things the old farts had to do to get a little more power out of a v-twin as opposed to a more simple single or even an inline-twin.

while not a big consumer seller, the model was specifically made for the british army, who thought the cost-to-power ratio was novel, so 700 were made between 1933 and 1936.

military contracts: making influential manufacturers of mediocre **** rich since the invention of the cotton gin.

regardless, it is a pretty bike and i’d not turn my nose up at it if it knocked on my door.

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  1. Giddy up you limey tea garglers….ha ha ha ha ha ….priceless…..we know what tren gargles dont we…..oh and the bikes sweet….

  2. yes, i gargle tea. and the limeys all know who they are. since i can count a bunch of them as friends, including alex chopperbuilder, and they dig my humor. americans are not immune, either. bikerMetric is an equal opportunity offender.

  3. That Beezer is beautiful! Gotta love the old v-twin look!

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