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atom bomb custom motorcycles?

Clay Rathburn

September 17

I’m very jealous that you interviewed Jeremy and haven’t interviewed me. Especially since Jeff said in his interview that I was one of his influences. That makes me laugh like really a lot.

But on a more serious note, did you see the last bike I just finished? It’s called the Green Agenda in honor of environmental wackos. Plus it’s painted green. As far as my bikes go it is the one most likely to punch somebody in the neck. I haven’t got it on the website yet. I can mail you some good images tomorrow if you want ’em.

oh no it’s an atom bomb!

I want ’em and Clay, I love punching people in the neck. It’s always unexpected and as they struggle to breathe, you get to think about mercy.

It’s funny you mention Jeff, since I doubt your bikes are like his, where you can’t make straight handlebars or fender struts or working brakes, where the paint bubbles within a month and half the s**t on it is falling off within a mile. I’ve had metal fabricators and welders put in 40+ hours to make the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE rideable with working brakes and all the loose bits tightened. Thank *** Limeybikes did his work for half price as a favor but it ****** off Matt, who did tons of killer re-fab to the point where he won’t talk to me any more like I built the f***ing thing and it’s lack of quality is my fault.

My fault was in being drunk and trusting someone who’s hand I’d never shaken.

Therefore, I wouldn’t go around being concerned with Jeff’s word. He got $7,000 worth of money and donated parts and after four months he left me with an unrideable piece of f***ing s**t I am STILL grappling with as of this edit in April, 2011.

Frame jig, anyone?

Regardless, Jeff told me he “knew” you when I informed him I was interested in interviewing you. He made it seem you were this hush-hush hillbilly recluse who wouldn’t be interested when I asked him about it. Since, I’ve figured you’re much too busy to mess with the likes of me and bikerMetric anyway.

Send me pix. I’ll send you some questions. You will be interview #13. That’s a good number and only unlucky sometimes…

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    • I am wondering if you can help chase down Clay Rathburn? We ordered and payed for a harley bobber to be made nearly 3 years ago and have had no sign of it being made or any idea of delivery time. Clay seems to have ceased communication. Are you able to contact him or provide me with some form of contacting him as quite a matter of urgency now- I would really really appreciate any help you can provide
      Thanking you in advance
      Patrick McAteer

      • Timothy C Prescott

        Facebook messenger. He’s got 7500 of my hard earned dollars as well. Atom Bomb no longer exists. He now owns Defense Coat Industries, LLC and has bailed on moto building completely I think. They no longer reside in the old building in RVA either.


  1. Everybody knows I’m not really jealous of Jeremy, have you seen how much more awesome my hair is? OK, well, that’s not totally true. He has a shop full of CNC equipment, and I have a 100 year old belt drive lathe and a really crappy milling machine. But my hair wins by default.

    • Clay, we ordered and payed for a harley bobber to be made nearly 3 years ago and have had no sign of it being made or any idea of delivery time. You seem to have ceased communication and despite numerous attempts to contact you and get an update. Please get in touch as a matter of urgency or I will be contacting family that live and work in the US within legal companies to chase this up
      Patrick McAteer

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