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a love song…

for Bobby Long….

I have an appointment with a judge tomorrow morning. If you guys don’t see me around, it’s bad news.

Having your fiancee’s ex-husband living in your house sucks. Don’t mix a volatile situation with alcohol. Just in case that ever happens to you. Which it won’t. Thank ***.

If I am gone, I will be back. Hopefully within a few weeks. But no matter how long, I shall return to do the same thing I’ve worked so hard at for eleven months. For over a week we’ve been getting 527 readers coming by and a new member every day. That’s 140% more than 30 days ago. Thank you, FNG’s and all.

I apologize to all of you who support bikerMetric, from the readers to those who have helped make the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE. If I am gone, please look around. There are 496 posts, about 1,400 images, and tons of stuff you have never seen or read about before. Some crazy, some beautiful, all from my mad heart and the hearts of the many builders and bikes I’ve profiled here.

Speaking of the ForD, I took some photos today. Look for more and a little story on MotArt soon, regardless of my possible incarceration. Frank is getting a bunch of pix and a few paragraphs about the machine tonight as yesterday he asked if he could profile it on his site. Thanks for digging what I’m doing, Frank.

Here are some clicks from today. The first pic is Chris from Limeybikes. He took the one-off tank given to us by Elswick Cycles and made the snowmobile pump work. When I twiddle some knobs, the tank keeps the engine running while re-filling the first tank on top. Then I twiddle more knobs (photo 3) and get to a gas station within 20 miles.

The machine has over four gallons of fuel capacity and I have to say, she runs like her name. Chris tuned the carburetors so well, and the exhaust designed by Jeff at Saint sounds killer. Although we lamented we couldn’t make it play “Scared to Dance” by the Skids, we decided that she sounded wicked. Twist the throttle and the angry b**ch comes out. He said the motor is in great condition with perfect compression.

Thanks, Chris!

Now, with a worried and heavy heart I offer a song that means a lot to me. It’s called “Love Song for Bobby Long” and it is written and performed by Grayson Capps. He’s a New Orleans native and son of the author who wrote “Off Magazine Street.” The book became a film, same name as the song, and there are two reasons to see it:

1. Scarlett Johansson stars in it.
2. Scarlett Johansson stars in it.

It would mean a lot to me if you’d listen to the following song. This one is a solo acoustic version performed live by Grayson in Stockholm, I believe:

Here is one with him plugged in with his band, the Stumpknockers, and was filmed in New Orleans last month. Because this all started in New Orleans, when I got out angry after Katrina, started drinking a lot, and became a mad poet. Real mad

“The road I ride will be the death of me,
Won’t you come along?
The road I ride is gonna set me free,
It’s gonna take me home.”

*** bless, everybody. Hope to see you here tomorrow.



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  1. Good Luck Man and best wishes.

  2. thanks, ole. you are freaking rad.

    it’s turning out fine. my accusers stories are not matching and the county attorney is having difficulty building a case. i have another month before next court date.

    look for a “cool post” later tonight.

    peace, brother.

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