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a different kind of trike – think big wheels for adults

For five years I dated a lady-motorcyclist with a simple t-shirt, it said “I love a man with big wheels.” Next to the text was a picture of a Big Wheel toy. I had to admit, I only actually knew that one of those things was called a Big Wheel was because of her t-shirt.

See, it’s not that my parents were bad to me or neglected me or left me to fend for myself. On the contrary, my parents gave me everything I needed to become successful, should I choose to make something of myself in this life. Generous though they were, my parents never saw a Big Wheel as a tool that would develop potential future prosperity for so I never got one. I got books instead.

But there’s someone out there who’s hoping to find a way of tying prosperity with Big Wheels. There’s someone out there who’s making a product for those who grew up sans-Big Wheels, and those who’d like to relive their childhood daredevil peddling mayhem.


Seriously, I have no idea how old kids are who ride big wheels, and I’m the worst person to be writing this, but! that’s okay, because I came across something cool and will fill the rest of this post with a lot of pictures and very few words:

Urban Trike
The product is called Urban Trike and I can’t tell if I think it’s the stupidest, most regression-inspired creation I’ve ever seen, or a stroke of f#$%ing genius answering a question we’ve all been too embarassed to ask.

When is someone finally going to make Big Wheels for f#$%ing grownups!

Asked and answered.

Urban Trike
I’m still not quite sure where I stand (or sit?) on this, quite literally. If interested, you can check out Urban Trike’s Kickstarter page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/urbantrike/1537820897?token=33ffd1db
Having had a chance to think it over for about a week, I gotta admit I’m digging this. I’m digging it in a “this-would-go-great-with-my-beer-hard-hat” kind of way. Walking the dog could reach a whole new level of badassery in your town. Get ready to hear the folks next door say “There goes the neighborhood!”

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