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a cruiser and a cafe from free kustom cycles in barcelona

guess what? these are not exclusive. i know! i thought that was all i did, too. they were sent from bikerMetric friend and follower marcos of free kustom cycles in spain. no funny story, either. just the facts, ma’am.

name: nada es para siempre AKA: nothing is forever:

source model: 1992 suzuki gs500 (487cc)
ignition: stock
air filter: chrome cones
exhaust: modified ural by fkc
transmission: stock
frame: stock
forks: stock
triple trees: modified stock by fkc
handlebars: chrome clip-ons
grips: rizoma sport
controls: stock
rear fender: custom by fkc
headlight: stock
signal lights: l.e.d. by w & w cycles
tail light: mini bates by w & w cycles
footpegs: bmx
gas tank: stock modified by fkc
mirrors: round 2″
seat: midnight rider

front wheel: 17″ stock rim
tire: 110/70-17
front brake system: stock by tokico
rear wheel: 17″ suzuki rim
tire: 130/70-17
rear brake system: stock by tokico

paint: black gloss with gold and silver accents
build time: three months
price: a lot of love

right on, man. digging the red frame, the upholstery on the seat, and the little front fender which i suppose does just enough to keep most of the road **** off the rider’s face. it’s a shame the license plate is so enormous. a modified ural exhaust? use what you’ve got! wonder what it sounds like…

+   +   +

name: golden fury:

source model: suzuki m1800r (1800cc)
ignition: stock
fir ailter: k&n
exhaust: custom by fkc
transmission: stock
frame: modified by fkc
rear suspension: arnott air
forks: stock
triple trees: modified stock by fkc
handlebars: custom by fkc
grips: ribbed
controls: joker machine
rear fender: cutom by fkc
headlight: yamaha mt03
headlight housing: custom by fkc
dummy lights: w & w cycles
tail light: w & w cycles mini l.e.d.
rootpegs: stock
gas tank: custom by fkc
side-mount license plate bracket: west valley special parts
mirrors: ness
alarm: gemini
seat: midnight rider

front wheel 18″ x 3.5″ stock rim
tire: 130/70R18
front brake system: stock by tokico
rear wheel: 18″ x 18″ stock rim
tire: 260/40R18
rear brake system: stock by tokico

molding: stetic bike
paint: black gloss and matte black with gold with gold leaf accents by stetic bike
build time: eight months
price: not telling

well i never. how are we supposed to know if your stuff is affordable, marcos?

as a former cruiser rider (2002 honda vtx1800c), i still love big, modified cruisers like this. also mostly black stuff and especially black and gold stuff (geaux saints!). while i’ve never liked riding rear tires over 200mm wide as they make a bike difficult to ride on city streets, we all know a motorcycle is an extension of the rider’s ***** (or ********, as the case may be), and some dudes need to be…. um…. wider.

regardless of tire width, the customization of the body on this thing is amazing and i’m sure it gets a ton of looks on the street. i bet it also smokes 110″ harleys like the 1970’s smoked dope. if the owner gets an aftermarket fuel injection doohickey like i had on my 1800, it’ll dyno at over 115 ft/lbs of torque.

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  1. Sweet ride wish that was mine

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