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Suzuki GSX1100 Trike

the many faces of steve’s custom gsx1100

Got an email from buddy Steve in August his multi-faceted custom GSX1100. Steve’s Suzuki has gone from supersport, to chopper, to trike. Check it out!

The project started with a donor bike Suzuki GS 1100X / GSX1100, an unlikely candidate as either a trike or a chopper. Stock the motor has sixteen valves and makes over 100 horsepower. We asked Steve if it was fast. “It was fast as @#$%.” He replied. Well said.

Suzuki Custom GSX1100 Frame

Steve had previously chopped another Suzuki GSX1100 before, but it wasn’t as creative as this one, so maybe custom GSX1100 choppers aren’t as uncommon as I thought. For this build Steve modified the frame. He replaced the top box section with a backbone and stretched the bottom rails by 6″ and raked the neck. Stock swing arm was equipped with a GSXR750 rear wheel (1100 sprocket and cush drive are direct fit to the 750 wheel).

Suzuki Custom GSX1100 Chopper

“I did all the work, including the dog **** seat and the battery box that looks like a discarded napkin dispenser.”

Suzuki Custom GSX1100 Chopper

From that point on, the chopper’ing of the Suzuki was complete. And yes, we’re making metric choppering a verb **** it. Although, considering how well Steve can express himself I might as well let him describe the conversion from GSX chopper to GSX trike in his own words.

Suzuki Custom GSX1100 Trike

“I later turned it into a trike using a shortened Toyota axle, self-made swingarm, and a sprocket in place of the ring gear in the diff. It has a pickup box on the back and a spare gas tank. Sold it a few years ago.”

Suzuki Custom GSX1100 Trike

Sounds kinda ratty when you say it like that, but it looks pretty **** good.

Lastly, Steve said: “I gained much inspiration from Biker Metric, and look forward to violating another old bike in the future.”

Violate away, brother… And raise a little ****!

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