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2002 honda vtx 1800c for sale | SOLD

Since I’m going to build the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE, I need to sell my dearly beloved 2002 Honda VTX 1800C.

Here she is, ladies and germs, the infamous Dragula:

She has a year-old Power Commander with a custom fuel map and was last dynoed at 118 ft/lbs of torque and 99 horsies. She’s a wheelie-poppin’ chick magnet from your hardest, wettest dream. The Roadhouse Shorty slip-on exhaust sounds f**king rad. Rev it and knock glasses off shelves in the bar your parked in front of as I’ve done when I’m feeling particularly rude. Ride with your Harley buddies and be the only one that sets off car alarms in rich neighborhoods.

Harley 1: chirp!
Harley 2: chirp!
Harley 3: tweet tweet!
Dragula: WEEE! WEEE! WEEE! WEEE! WEEE! weeee! weee! w e e …. (fading as you roar away smirking and flipping off your pals who are flipping you off in return).

She has a clean side-mount license plate setup, a custom saddle by Aeromach, Lazer brand turn signals, Progressive fork springs, Metzeler tires (new 200mm rear with 1k on it), and more. I’ve never ridden with anybody who had a bike that got more looks and more comments than Dragula. Even this summer, eight years after I bought her, people asked questions and were amazed that she’s wasn’t brand new.

Dragula has about 24,000 miles and has been perfectly maintained (all paperwork available) and always garaged.

Email me at trent at bikermetric dot com.

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  1. How do I email you a photo or two of my ****?

  2. click the photo in this comment and it will lead you to a page that has a link on the left that says “email.” click that email link.

    tell me a bit about yourself as well as the bike in your message.


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