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1978 suzuki gs1000 by beer budget choppers

Matt from Beer Budget Choppers decided to put up a first-class clinic on how to ride a cool custom motorcycle on a third-class budget. Check this out.

Here’s Matt showing us which finger he hurt.

Proving that a friendly rivalry drives innovation (assuming you don’t mind calling a 35 year old UJM turned chopper innovation…), Matt explained that the purpose to his bike was to have a non hard tail chopper that was faster than Jeremy’s bike. We don’t know who Jeremy is but he must be a real POS.

Matt also needed the chopper to have a rear seat, for his wife. According to Matt: “Nothing better than some time away from the kids and cruising down Highway 1 with the wife.” Judging on his enthusiasm we’re guessing at least a couple of Matt’s children may have been conceived on the side Highway 1. We’re hoping the wife’s real cute and they’ll send some pictures our way, but for now…

1981 suzuki gs1000 chopper

Matt says “the jack *** wouldn’t touch the motor so I had to do it all (most) my self.” I don’t know if he’s talking about his wife, himself, Jeremy, or Steve, but there you have it: somewhere, there is a jackass, who wouldn’t touch the motor. *******!

1981 suzuki gs1000 chopper

What’s next for Matt’s 1978 Suzuki GS1000 chopper? “We’re planing on tearing it down this winter and doing the final paint and such… the green has to go.”

How did Matt get a cool custom motorcycle on a cheap budget? He took a crispy $20 bill (or maybe a wrinkly filthy one, whatever), met someone off of Craigslist, and bought a $20 motorcycle. From there he “used parts out of our inventory (junk yard) and chopped away.”

Thanks for sharing your chopper with us Matt. Be sure to check out Beer Budget Choppers.

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  1. Thanks for making me look like a complete piece of ****. I have done half of the work on all of our bikes and I am the one who keeps all of them on the road and running. The real story behind Matt building the GS1000 was that his CB750 Chopper was faster than mine until I put new coils in mine and beat his. Two days later he picked up a GS1000 to beat my chopper and I told him that I wasn’t going to help him build a bike just so he can beat mine. He denied this until now and that was our on going joke with each other. I am Jeremy the half owner of Beer Budget Choppers incase you were wondering

  2. What size carbs?

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