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1947 supercharged triumph, wasted wheels, sign of the apocalypse

this trump dragster was allegedly painted by von dutch in 1955. i found this in a fury today as i was “multi-tasking,” aka: doing too many things at the same time. that means i failed to take note of where i yoinked it from. i also quickly gave up trying to find more info on the bike.

okay. i had to google. now i remember a little. i found it on a site who found it on garage company (yoshi’s garage). the blog link i just gave you has a lot of period correct harley stuff on it to start, but yoshi builds a ton of cool metric bikes as well.

i don’t know where the pix came from exactly, as i don’t have the patience tonight to delve into his blog or website, but it seems senor yoshi had it and sold it and some dudes thought that was cool. allrighty then.

this leads to the latest noob, WASTED WHEELS. it’s a nifty blog where nifty things happen in a nifty way and coincidentally signed up today after i found the yoshi trump and the first post on his blog is of a triumph chopper painted by guess who?

the proprietor of wasted wheels, a spanish cat from barcelona named elias and man, what is it with all the doubles lately? two eliases, two von dutch-painted trumps, two supercharged triumphs, two leaf spring bikes, two ukrainian builders. this is happening almost daily since last week and the doubles often come within 24 hours of the first. i blame arpad.

it is a sign of the apocalypse.

anyway, elias likes “cycles, cars, painting, drawing, lettering, and pinstriping.” check him out here. he did this:

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  1. Thanks man!! you’ve got a really cool blog going on here! I’m glad you like the stuff I do..

    See you!

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