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100% hand made american parts from falcon motorcycles

yes, i’m shocked, too.

bikerMetric has a new friend. a surprising friend. yesterday i received a call from amaryllis knight from falcon motorcycles. i know! and it wasn’t to tell me off, either. seriously. i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. she wanted to talk about the new line of custom motorcycle parts they are making in their downtown los angeles shop and wanted my opinion. i have no idea what mirror world i’ve been shanghaied into, but please take me back to where nobody likes me and i have a good reason to be angry at all the stupid f**ks.

instead, this is all great news, so here is the skinny:

falcon motorcycles is now selling 100% hand made, american made custom parts for your metric or british bobber, chopper or cafe racer. being hand-made and not manufactured means they aren’t the cheap s**t you can get at home depot or from your “american” supplier who has parts manufactured in china or india anyway. besides supporting the little guy, and don’t think falcon isn’t the little guy, you get a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of these parts.

their parts are made in brass, bronze, and aluminum. you can get raw or hand-polished finishes.

say you get the brass petcocks and set them up on your bike. a year or two later you want to cut them out and put them on a new tank. no worries. contact falcon and they’ll send you whatever gets messed up in your re-application, such as washers and seals, forever. or until the end of the world. whichever comes first.

where else can you get that kind of customer service or guarantee?

what pays their bills are these brand new, american made, lifetime guaranteed parts.

so click this link and visit the falcon motorcycles online store and score yourself the world’s best petcocks, clamps and more >>

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  1. Hi There,
    I am looking for custom parts for my bike build,things like seat,internal throttle assembly, inverted levers etc.
    do you have any?

  2. Halo.. Im looking for a falcon kestrel’s complete set front brake asembly, and the falcon vincent black shadow’s rear brake complete set asembly, but i dont see falcon motorcycle part for sale in their website.. Can you help me ? Thanks

    • I found a Falcon Motorcycles listing for Los Angeles on Yelp. Try calling here: (213)955-0007

    • Roberts filler

      Everything you are looking for is custom make or highly modified for that one bike only. None of those parts are for sale. The article clearly states Falcon is making cooling rings, velocity stacks, petcocks and handlebars. No where does it state what you are asking for. And anyone who stated they can’t make a call when they are try to find one of a kind snd impossible parts might have something to do with why Ian stopped offering what he was selling.

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