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kawasaki vulcan 800 | blue collar bobbers

kawasaki vulcan 800 bobber kits

Blue Collar Bobbers has nifty kits to turn your metric motorcycle into a bobber. If you can wrench a little, for about $1,600 (for the kit you see below) you can turn your ho-hum cruiser into a pretty slick little bobber.

No, they aren’t all hardtailed and hardcore, but bM approves.

kawasaki vulcan 800 | blue collar bobbers

Blue Collar has kits for the Suzuki Savage S40, Kawasaki Vulcan 800, Honda Rebel 250, Honda Shadow VLX, 600, and Yamaha V-Star 650. Check ‘em out.


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  1. I dunno…the bikes look cool but I’m wondering if bolt-on bobber is just the low brow version of bolt-on chrome and billet?

  2. “bolt-on bobbers.” quick! i gotta mail out my trademark info.

    i thought what you wrote, man, and i came the the conclusion i’ll write here:

    these blue collar bikes retain the stock frame and suspension which is a huge selling point. there’s cool and there’s comfy. most dudes like the bobber look but have no desire to break their back on a rigid. this creates a great niche for an incredibly affordable bobber.

    it isn’t for everyone, but it is for some, and i want those dudes reading my blog, too. as we know, custom bikes are like tattoos. when you get one, you want another.

    with that in mind, one day the dude who bought this kit is going to desire a ribbed brass fender from 7 metal west, a tricky set of bars from rock, a custom seat from working man…. look at it as a starting point, except that instead of tearing it completely down, you just change some of the parts.

    whew. sorry to go off on you, dirk. thanks for starting a discussion. anybody is free to disagree but i don’t want bM to turn into one of those sites ***** a bunch of people ***** about what is and what isn’t acceptable.

    that means there are rules. **** rules.

    peace, man!

  3. These kits are sweet. I am a professional salvage diver. Most “divers” in this world are as novice at diving as I am with building bikes. I wish I grew up around bike builders or had the time to learn the trade but I don’t
    You are right bro this is a sweet starting point for those of us that barley know how to swim. One day I hope to create something that is magazine worthy, but until then my v star is sick compared to my neighbors. Blue Collar Bobbers is starting something that has been going on for a long time with cars and trucks. More just like them will be coming soon.

  4. Hey,am loving the convos,and Trent,you rock man!!!
    I am a life long lover of the classics and vintage rides given to us by GM,Ford,International,and yes…even Dodge/Plymouth back when they knew what they were building,and were ‘Real’ cars and trucks. My life has had it’s fill of great rides of the four wheel variety,and now I would like to break into the two wheel world,and nothing says ‘Bad @ss” and old skewl like a bobber,the stance,the rumble,and the bare raw look scream classic to me.
    The area in which i live is small town,yet a hub between three major coasts along the gulf,so there is highway traffic,with random stop and go traffic,so i was thinking of going with maybe a 70’s automatic trans bike from the big three Japanese bikes,could you recommend something in the 600-800cc range that wouldnt be hard on the wallet,yet leaves plenty of “canvas’ to work on this piece of art that is bobber?

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