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yamaha v-star 650 bobber | tail end customs

one day the builder of this bike, josh from tail end customs, thought to himself, “self, how can i make a bloated yamaha v-star look cool?” it didn’t take long for ideas to start flowing. i told him not to lick that stamp…

josh wanted something low, mean, and racy. so he slammed the *** (a popular thing in the montrose, castro, and any time the village people are spinned by the dj), threw on a 21″ front wheel, and dropped the front end (the curse of the cougars). he then threw some clip-ons and put some clean switches in the triple trees to keep the clutter off the bars.

at this point josh modified the pipes, installed a spiked cone air filter and added a jet kit to “open this b*tch up and let her breathe.” his buddy mike to laid some slick black paint with silver flake racing stripes and “84” on the sides of the tank. why 84? george orwell and mind control? it’s so secret josh is not telling. therefore, it’s about mind control.

of course he had to add one of his patented custom power piston tail light light/bracket combos.

josh then hit ebay and his v-star bobber sold the first day. a dude named leo gave him a call and said “bro, i need a chopper-style bike to take to the lone star tally this weekend.” josh replied, “i think i might be able to help you out.” an hour went by and josh thought leo was one more dude who talks more than he accomplishes. then the phone rings.

“man that sh*t is dope! when can i come get it?”

later that day leo came to get the “night stalker.” he loved it and said, “it looks so much better in person.” he asked what the 84 meant so josh asked him, “well, what does it mean to you?” leo replied that ’84 was the year he was born. josh laughed and said, “well then, that’s why i made it!”

when i  saw the following video, which is a great production, i messed with josh because it shows the bike has l.e.d. lights like some redneck harley “chopper:”

in response to my teasing, he told me he knows a lot of people don’t like l.e.d. lighting but he doesn’t give a sh*t. if you don’t like them then go ahead and put down a deposit and he’ll build you a bike however you want.

i want one with rainbow colors under the rear fender, and a giant black ***** for an air filter. he says he’ll get back to me on that. seems that might take some special fabrication.

check out tail end customs and tell josh to keep kicking ***, and to wear boots when he rides, the squid.

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  1. Is it rigid or left stock suspension in the back? Not very fond of the shaft drive, but is a very awesome bike and loved watching the video.

  2. It still has suspension but alot stiffer after doing the drop mod. Not sure why people don’t like shaft driven either. Guess it’s just a looks thing. Thanks for the compliments

  3. changing the stock shaft to a belt or chain is expensive (wanted to do that with my vtx1800c) and i’d guess that keeping the original drive keeps costs reasonable as well, doug.

  4. What front end did you put on there?

  5. i believe josh used the stock front end and shaved the legs to help lower the bike, rob.

  6. She sounds like a **** beast….what pipes you got on her?

  7. Sup Rob, yes stock front end. Raised the forks to use the clips ons which also helped me get the lower stance I wanted to acheive. The pipes were vance and hines I just hacked the mufflers off and rewelded some new tips on and wrapped.

  8. How did you slam it? I’m thinking about doing the same thing, and would really appreciate your help! Thanks, and awesome job on the bike!

  9. sorry stuck in ohio temporary service lay offs, company shut downs…you know.. but i know the real world is out there somewhere, bike on…

  10. Is there a kit I can but for the switches in the tiple trees or is it all custom made? Sick bike.

  11. Nick, Google search v star julio slam

    Anonumous, Sorry no kit. Was all custom. Thanks

  12. thanks so much for the j slam idea! only other question i have is what size are the clip-on handlebars? I have found several, but can’t find what size our fork tubes are…

  13. I have the same question as nick king, what size are the clip on handlebars? I was looking online and can not seem to find a perfect match. Thanks in advance!

  14. What did you do to convert the front ens over to a 21″ wheel?

  15. Hi.
    I want attach clipons to my DragStar. Fork have 41mm in diameter, and i find clipons. But have no spase over traverse, only under traverse. So, how you do it? Sorry for my pure English.

  16. do you sell that seat kit you have installed on this bike?

  17. I love that seat, Where can I get one……. I’ve lowerd mine and put the bullet indicators changed the fenders but that 21″ wheel mod just scares me thinking about it. Excellent job looks fantastic.

  18. I’m currently bobbing out a 2002 vstar and want that same rear fender. Cant find it anywhere. Can you tell me where I can find one.

  19. Hi The Night Stalker is a great looking bit of kit. I am currently planning doing something similiar in the UK.

    There are a couple of areas that I am struggling with at the moment and would really appreciate some help…

    How is the seat mounted and do you have any details / pics of how that worked…also

    Do you have a specification of the 21 inch front wheel and tyre size, i seem to be struggling to find something that works

    If you could help or ping any pics it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

  20. I just recently installed the spike air cleaner, jet kit and shorty boy exhaust pipes on my vstar650 custom. Starts fine, idles fine, but wants to bog down about 1/4 throttle can’t figure out why. Did you have this problem or would you have any idea how to fix this problem?

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