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yamaha v-star 1100 bobber

discovered this today whilst d*cking around on the internet.

not sure about the part where the vid says “purchase is by invitation only” and then their email appears telling the viewer to “express interest.”

which is it? f**k off and wait or come beg for it? the whole spiel seems pretty snooty if you ask me. which you didn’t. but i wrote it, anyway. i guess it means “if you write and we don’t reply, you are not cool enough. f**k off.”

find out more here. have $35,000. yes, really.

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  1. I think Ive seen some pricey **** in my time, but this takes the cake. My bike was worth $800 til I glued a Tsuba to the tank, now it’s worth $8,000!

  2. The Delphi forum site for 1100 V!tars has much better looking bikes that were built for less than half that price.

  3. after staring at this for a while i’ve decided two things:

    1) it’s almost all bolt-on stuff plus a paint job on a stock frame. the only “custom” fabs are the tunnel on the sporty tank and the slight rake of the stock neck. the controls, pipes, bars, headlamp, seat, fender…. open your parts unlimited catalog and spend three grand.

    2) the reason they have no photos of the left side is you’ll see the stock belt drive which will make that “samurai” thing they are going for go poof like a fart in the wind.

  4. Wot is that – a cad-cam project by some jumped up university design graduate ? Far f….ng out. A rider would need to 8 feet tall to sit in that horizontal seat and still reach the bars as well as the forward controls ??????????? And because the thing is so low slung, your head is so far above the ground, your centre of gravity is somewhere near your chest – I.E. – impossible to ride. Sorta’ like a 100 kilo adult trying to ride a peewee 50 !

  5. Ok so this bike is not as special as we are supposed to believe..

    I would without doubt get Dave Jansen’s honda cb750 bobber over this “snooty” Saya on wheels.

    Actually Dave´s bobber is one of the coolest bike I have seen here on BM.

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