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yamaha sr400 – 35th anniversary edition and history

Once upon a time in 1978, Yamaha launched a new motorcycle called the SR400. From its very roots this bike was already a throwback to years gone by. In an era where multi-cylinder engines were the new standard, the SR400 was took a step backwards to a kick-start, air-cooled, and single cylinder small displacement motorcycling.

It’s been 35 years in the making, but new bikes like Suzuki’s TU-250 and the emergence of the universal Japanese motorcycle in both cult and popular motorcycling culture tells us that the SR400 is as appropriate for riders now in 2013 as it was in the 1970s.

This post has shots of the new for 2013 Yamaha SR400 35th Anniversary edition as well as pictures of past custom Yamaha SR400 bobbers and choppers from bikerMetric. I’ve also included history on the SR400 including significant changes and generations sorted by year.


The Yamaha SR400 stayed virtually unchanged for much of its life. Here is the Yamaha SR400 model change history:

1978 – First Generation
19″ front wheel with disk brake
18″ rear wheel with drum brake
VM32 carburetor

1985 – Second generation
18″ front and rear wheels
drum brakes front and rear
rearsets revised
gas tank upgraded from 12 litres to 14 litres

1988 – carburettor changed to Vacuum Mikuni BST34/1
cam shaft changes to enhance low and mid range

1993 – AC Magneto redesigned
Battery changed from acid to gel
Revised fuel cap
Side-stand sensor

1996 – rearset reverted to first generation design
revised handlebar design
tank reverted back to 12 original 12 litre capacity

2001 – Third Generation
18″ front wheel with disk brake
18″ rear wheel with drum brake
Change to BSR33 carburetor
Air-intake system revised
CDI change

2003 – Immobiliser added
Throttle position sensor added

2009 – Production suspended

2010 – Fourth Generation
Fuel injection
02 sensor
Revised fuel tank
Revised fly wheel
Revised seat
Battery moved to under seat
Design changes

All data from: https://sites.google.com/site/yamahasr500sr400/history
Be sure to check that out for more details.

Those pictures on the right are just some of the custom SR400 bobbers and choppers we’ve had on bikerMetric, you can check them all out here.

Now that brings us to the 2013 Yamaha SR400 35th Anniversary Edition:

For 2013, the Yamaha SR400 keeps fuel-injection, which was added in 2010 to help meet emissions requirements, but it remains a kick-start motorcycle.

The 399cc thumper makes 30 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, and 23 ft.-lb. of torque at 6,200 rpm. Transmission is five speed and the anniversary edition’s paint is a green metallic finish. Dry weight is 383 lbs. Fuel mileage is 96.4 mpg. That means you should be able to ride for 288 miles (or 463 kilometers) before running on fumes. Not bad for a 12 litre tank.

I should mention this model is only available in Japan, where it goes for the equivalent of $5,700 for the anniversary edition.

Overall I like it. It’s great to see the SR400 carry on. Where will it go next? Would you like to see them for sale in your home country? What would you pay for one? Please leave comments!

Adrian S.

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  1. YES,Bring it here USA,but come on $3995.00

  2. you guys are the sh t so gonna build soon and I too played in rocks and rode all my life a the time I have been doing scooters and small bikes and doing my first build from a 150 crusier I have, getting all my ideals from bikemetric so hope you don’t mind plus live in MD

  3. These bikes had gobs of torque for their size I remember. When you twisted the **** out of the throttle because it was only a single, Well , you better be ready. This bike would launch ! I for one would love to see these State side.

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