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yamaha r15 v2 by panjloh handmade motorcycles

Just got an interesting write-up on a pretty build from Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles who you might remember from our last post, as well as from their Royal Enfield bobber.

From Tarun at PHM:

Project: au-THOR-ity

Company: Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles

Vehicle: Yamaha R15-V2

Chop downs: Wing, front, head lights, seat length and body covers.

The touché: 10 kg gas tank replaces the feather-light stock tank

custom yamaha r15-v2 - front end

This yamaha R15, despite being a V2 version had to undergo the body customization and the calculated weight upgrade by the designers have managed to amplify the aerodynamics of this sports bike.

As our custom, we have tailor made the tank, seat and engine cover flaps to meet the exclusive clientele’s demands.

We have forced this rhino machine to stay grounded by replacing, the otherwise feather-light stock tank with a super solid steel tank weighing more than 10kgs.

custom yamaha r15-v2 - lights

Moving on to luxury, we have managed to find the rarest and toughest of leather stock from Italian counterparts and have commissioned the best artisans of Sialkot to hand-etch the linear patterns, which serves as , apart from the upgrading bespoke style quotient, the grippers for rider while he wrooms down the streets.

The brass exhaust by craftsmen from raja-sthan, have etched the finesse in our machine.

custom yamaha r15-v2 - front

We wanted this sporty beauty to have a mammoth attitude and the rider should feel like holding the horns of a raging bull; so we stapled upon twin gallant front lights with individual manual twist switch power joysticks signifying the very facet of customization and still conserving the rawness that a “motor” cycle should command. But, as if the above amplifications weren’t already bad-*** enough, the design team went quite serious about “holding the bull horns” and dropped the bench-marked handle bars 5 inches further.

Our workmen too at Panjloh, don’t entirely rely alone on proficiency of our artisans; we ourselves craft elegant works from simple means by just spending hours of hard-work; such as winding endless-ly the ductile, yet strong, fine copper lines on all our electrical nerves.

custom yamaha r15-v2 - copper lines

The fat tyre at rear, sturdy geometry and the monstrous look of the front screams the rider to keep on pressing the mean accelerator which pumps enough thrust to be lightening fast and yet cool; all thanks to the custom shroud front mounted super-cooled (enhanced ventilation) radiator.

Doing all of the above, how could we not upgrade the dull stock white paint? This motorcycle has to brighten itself and flash on the track. So we chose a striking beach palm yellow for our sunshine.

custom yamaha r15-v2 - gas tank

The whole new avatar of the race track burner begged for a unified stamping; and our artists happily obliged and hand painted a classy pattern in baroque styles, scrubbing inspirations form Corinthian patterns with strokes bold enough to be felt.

Further, the navigator-compass gas tank cap hand made in brass by fine laurel blacksmiths from England, breaks the monotony of all the mechanics and electronics ruling the functionality of the bike.

custom yamaha r15-v2

In each machine we try to revise, improvise and achieve the bespoke class of luxury riding. All we have to do is to dream and our artists will find a way to liquefy the concept.

Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles

You can find Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles on Facebook.

custom yamaha r15-v2 - panjloh

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  1. This cat needs to hire a decent photographer.
    No side or rear views, can’t see the seat.
    But we have 5 shots of the headlights.
    Not sure what he’s trying to promote here.
    Certainly not the bike.

  2. Totally agree with Butch. I have no idea what this bike looks like. What’s the point of a 3/4 view photo taken from 3 blocks away and a front view of headlight flare? I don’t get it either!! I have a better idea of what the ratty scooter in the background looks like!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Though a bit rude. We will try to be a better photographer next time.

      We are artists n need to learn photography as well
      Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

      Team panjloh

    • Dear blackie

      We apologise for our illiteracy in photography.

      Hope to submit better shoots next time.


  3. It seems that all pics of this company’s bikes are equally BAD. Googling up images just gets more useless, arty shots. I won’t bother looking for any more info on them as a result.

  4. wow amazing

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