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Irish National Rally

irish national rally 2014

Pete’s blog, Occhio Lungo has been putting out some great posts about the Irish National Rally at the end of last month in Killarney, Ireland. Pete and K rode up on a 1939 Norton ES2, with K on the back seat snapping some great pictures of the ride.

Pictures from the Irish National Rally

Pete was riding in a foreign country, in some pretty rough conditions, on a 75 year old motorcycle that was borrowed from a friend. Not easy!

Riding a 1939 Norton through Ireland

How’s this for steampunk’ian technology?

Steampunk era motorcyclin'

Gotta love riding motorcycles old enough to have belonged to your grandparents, on hilly roads.

Vintage Motorcycle Riding in Ireland

If you’ve got a moment, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Occhio Lungo’s Irish National Rally report.

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