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vintage bike of the day: the matchless trackmaster mx2

Discovered a great nugget today. Sid Leitch is a Scotsman who knows a thing or two about vintage motorcycles. Today bikerMetric is profiling his Matchless MX2 Trackmaster.

The MX2 is a 990cc air cooled v-twin. There is not a lot of information out there about this bike that doesn’t trace back to Sid, so it’s my guess that it’s a name he created when he built the bike, which is greatly modified from a stock Matchless XV manufactured in 1937 or ’39 with twin port heads. I think.

Regardless of my lack of erudition, Sid built a 1930’s Matchless tracker. All because he was inspired by Evel Knievel:

There is a new guy today. nogg from Nogg Design came by and dug what I’m laying down. I believe he was a member of my old site. It’s good to have you around, man.

[EDIT 04.25.11] It has come to my attention that there was a typo in my headline, that my writing is “street talk gibberish,” and that I don’t know the origins of the engine. OH MY ***, NO! Maybe I wasn’t clear; the information I discovered was contradictory and I simply didn’t care to discover more. The site is called bikerMetric, not bikerMatchless. If you know the origins of this bike or anything I may not, and that’s a lot, you are welcome to state so in the comments. Otherwise, to all the holier-than-thou Limey tea garglers who cannot spell “***,” I offer my most sincere “shut the f**k up, a**hole.”


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