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ukraine-built jawa two-stroke 250cc thumper bobber

our friend arpad sent these to me today. seems a man calling himself “cranberry” from kiev built this sleek old 1963 jawa 250cc two-stroke thumper.

that’s two posts in a row about bikes from kiev in the ukraine. i don’t know how that happens. i blame arpad.

cranberry built the frame, laced the wheels, and did everything himself from the rattle can matte black paint job to fabricating the leaf-spring front end. it is also his first build. great job for a noob.

the wheels are both 16″ and wear 130/90/16 tires. i’ve always liked the symmetry of the tires and wheels being the same on a motorbike.

the inverted handlebars are from an old bicycle modified with internal wiring.

the army water jug as the hiding place for the wiring is a nice and inexpensive idea. in all, this bike is the epitome of the garage built, do-it-as-cheap-as-possible, clean and kickass design we dig so much.

some of these photos are tagged moto.kiev.ua so i wanted to link to the site. it might make sense if you don’t speak russian to google translate it, although when i did, i was unable to find the bike or any more info than i’ve got here. i do know it’s been in a few euro mags from sweden to france and cranberry is getting some press for his debut bobber build.

congratulations, man. it’s a wonderful machine.

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  1. oh c’mon, saying something is a two-stroke thumper is like saying your car runs on diesel gasoline!

    a four stroke single is a thumper. a two stroke single is just noisy. :) xoxo

  2. that’s interesting mg, because there are two kinds of diesel fuel. one is completely bio (natural oils like peanut or hemp seed) and the other, the kind that the petrol companies make, is dinosaur diesel, which is closer to gasoline than biodiesel. where’s a chemical engineer when you need one?

    so there. smartypants.

    and any single is a thumper. AND i’m loading this site with keywords, ************! yeah!

    thus ends tonight’s chapter of vintage european motorcycle two-stroke jawa thumper bobber hour.

  3. Hi you there!
    Thanx a lot guys! This is my first build. Now I’m working on two of my projects with BSA WM20 and Yamaha RS500 engines.
    Here’s a link on motokievua site where you can see my bob job.

    greetings from Ukraine


  4. thanks for the link, man.

  5. I love this type of buils and its great to see more jawa c.z. like this .

  6. wonderfull machine, i like Jawa’s and last years they are making a hype around it, they become more and more rare and expensive, pitty it is a alround motorcycle made for every day, to go to work, under every condition. Greetings and lot of miles werkplaats

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