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this cafe racer is not a honda | trucker booth

took a few photos with my lame phone camera because, oops! my fancy new camera needed a memory card and when i purchased it and not a salesperson thought to inform me. i figure if you purchase something and it is missing an integral part that makes it work, it would say so on the box. remember the old “batteries not included” on toys when you were young? well this thing came with batteries. it even said so on the box. a lot of good they did.


anyway, this bike is an old suzuki savage 650 cut up in a perfectly improper manner by a young man nicknamed “trucker.” how he got that name, i do not know, especially since his real name is thruxton. yes, named after a velocette motorcycle by his father, rick. look for some great stuff about him soon.

suzuki savage cafe front | trucker booth

in the meantime, check his son’s killer cafe.


his father told me how last october trucker took the bike to the vintage festival at barber’s in birmingham and was parked somewhere near a contest where old men were judging cafe-style motorbikes. he was asked if he was entered and when he replied he was not, trucker was asked to move his bike.

savage cafe racer - brake detail | trucker booth

at that moment, a stranger came up and paid the fee to enter.

custom cafe racer suspension detail | trucker booth

trucker works as a cnc machinist and seems to be a decent welder. he fabricated many one-off parts on this bike including the now-rusty but trusty swingarm, exhaust, seatpan/tail, innovative rear brake, fork brace, and much more. the rest is a mishmash of parts from numerous motorbikes made to fit this rowdy racer. i dig it.

if you need other **** | trucker booth
custom 650 single cafe racer | trucker booth

remember though, it’s not a honda.

suzuki savage 650 single cafe racer exhaust detail | trucker booth

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  1. Bold!!!
    Thx Mr Holmes for the pearl and other inspirational goodies

  2. great blessings to you and yours. daniel.

  3. That 22yo has some serious talent. Trent, thanks for finding and sharing stuff like this!

  4. i hope to go back soon and take decent photos of the amazing work his father does. now that i have a memory card in my stupid camera. not bad for mobile phone pix, i must admit with a little, wait, little humility, that these are pretty decent pix. take that, chris hunter!

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