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the winner of the one-off spiderweb footpegs contest

just what you wanted to see, more footpegs.

the last day to enter to receive the very first bikerMetric peg-and-sleeve footpegs was april 30. today i finally got around to putting all the names on paper and in my hat to draw the winner….

one-off bikerMetric spiderweb footpegs

i’d like to give you a ton of info about him, but he wishes to remain private except to say his name is james. he’s been reading bikerMetric for at least 16 months and we have traded a few emails and have become friends.

prototype bikerMetric-design spiderweb footpegs

custom bikerMetric spiderweb footpegs

therefore, i am very happy to have pulled his name and he says he’s going to use the pegs for forward controls on his bike. sweet.

thanks to busch & busch for making these little bastards, and thanks to all who entered!

cemetery mausoleum motorcycle

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