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the build: interactive film

Imagine a website which was made entirely of videos about motorcycle building. I’m not talking a website with lots of videos on it, I mean the site is an actual playing video. It’s similar to what you see when you throw a DVD in the player, menus are interactive and link to different video clips, and the whole background is video. I’m not the most current on new interwebs technology, but this is a really cool concept.

Add the fact the video and all of it’s “special features” are about motorcycle builders and the culture of motorcycle building over in Portland, Oregon, and you’ve got a winner. Check out the video, because it’s right here in your face, but then do yourself a favor: This isn’t a motorcycle video meant to be watched on a blog, it’s meant to be watched in full screen on the maker’s website, and if you can spare some time, and I know you can, it’s Monday, than check it out on thebuildfilm.com

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