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stuff to freak you out

But first the FNG’s:

MB Leathers, unlucky for the rabbit, J, and mskundert decided between freedom and death this week and received beer and sandwiches for their loyalty.

MB Leathers is a Swiss dude crafting hand-made motorcycle seats, saddle bags, tool rolls, belts, wallets, vests, and more.

unlucky for the rabbit is a beer-drinking artist.

J and mskundert are mysterious types who don’t have blogs. J follows only bikerMetric and I suspect mskundert found us on Antiquated Mule.

Thanks for coming around, guys. Here is the part to freak you out:

It freaks me out and I’ve been blabbing about stuff like this since 2006.

To forget how f***ed we are unless we start hurting the corporate elite, here is a nice piece by a guy named Amerinero:

And another image captured by Gordon Calder:

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