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freak out the f***ing squares

it was over a year ago when i bought a t-shirt. it was printed free and all sales proceeds were to go to a guy who wrecked. i have no idea what happened to him and i hope he has healed well but i just got my shirt.

not that it was a delay in shipping. it was in a box i have not opened since i’ve been moving around the south all gypsy style for a year.

joe the fish tee | freak out the squares

there is a cool logo in gray on the left breast on the front, too.

*** enhancers | freak out the squares

besides a ton of stickers, 18,009 by my count, but i’m no mathematician and i quit at three, there were a couple of extra packages clarke sent me.

thanks, man. what a funny gesture.

visit freak out the squares any time and let him know that i don’t need these packages due to reasons that would only make him jealous.

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