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something new from chappell customs

something different from chappell customs

Two years ago to the day we featured this Yamaha XS650 bobber/boardtracker by Chappell Customs.

custom yamaha xs650 boardtracker / bobber

But now Chris is going for something different. ****, bikerMetric is going for something totally different.

bikerMetric readers like the dirty stuff. There’s a pretty good chance if you’re reading this you couldn’t care less for the mainstream, for factory-built “customs”, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if we carefully inspected your body we’d find some oil or grease in the corners. Just a guess. Keep your clothes on.

You probably also indifferent when it comes to Harley-Davidson. I know for a fact a few of you out there straight up hate them. That’s the great thing about choices. Sometimes they **** people off.

Here are a couple teaser shots of Chappell Customs’ latest build. Take a close look.

Chappell Customs

What the…

closer look

Let’s take a closer look…

Chappell Customs new build

Any guesses what it is, and what it’s doing on biker…Metric?!

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  1. Harley Street 500 / 750

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