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promote your biz on bikerMetric…

for only a dollar a day.

Only four spots are available at that rate. Check out our promotional solutions programs and see statistics by clicking our PROMOTE page for the best deal we’ve got.

Who would you be advertising your brand to?  Over 50% of bikerMetric readers come specifically looking for parts for their custom bikes, another 45% enjoy reading about rides and events, and over 60% come for classic/vintage bike parts and info. Over half first started riding to impress chicks.

All of bikerMetric’s readers come for metric and European bobbers, choppers, and cafe racer builds, photos, interviews, and info. One quarter come to read about major manufacturer news and parts for mostly stock metric cruisers.

bM reader’s dreams are the most interesting part. Over 20% of respondents wish they were custom motorbike builders, 10% want to be (or consider themselves) revolutionaries, and 4% wish they were GTP. Another 10% wish they were beer tasters and/or poets who are “big in Bangkok.” 40% wish they were “independently wealthy f**k offs.”

COMING SOON: The bikerMetric Lotto Grab!

There is a rowdy bunch of folks who visit our humble metric madhouse that are relatively educated, hold their beer well, and have a decent sense of humor. They are also by and large regular riders and wrenchers.

If that’s who you want to buy, wear, and use your stuff, CLICK THIS LINK to discover more solutions for promoting your business on bikerMetric.

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