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post #81 of the unexpected | untitled motorcycles t-shirt

i’ve been hard on these guys. they’d post in the old bM wastebook group and it was always about what they had for sale. i’d reply that this wasn’t a place for them to promote their products and leave. it was about community; which meant sharing – and asking for – information about bikes, beer, strippers, sandwiches, and pirate talk. we only had 900 members, but some folks would come in and use it as a place to promote their stuff with a link only and leave. that made me want to charge for advertising. instead, i’d have them walk the plank and ban them from the group.

but i gave untitled a few chances. i don’t know why i was so kind.

untitled motorcycles t-shirt

towards the end they seemed to get it. i don’t know who does their internet stuff, there are three that run their shop in london, but they sometimes post cool **** on twitter which i re-tweet.

one day a message came through asking for my address and what size shirt i wear so they could send one of their limited edition t-shirts. i was going to get one of only 55.

free stuff? **** yeah. i haven’t been able to afford to buy a shirt since the beginning of february and even then it was only $6 at jc penney. before then, it had been two years since i bought a shirt of any kind. i’ve been living in the three shirts falcon motorcycles sent me last year. seems those have become rare, too, as they are no longer making the same prints. i should probably save one in a box and sell it for $200 in ten years but they’re much too comfortable. i’ll wear them out.

plus, $200 in a decade will probably only buy a six pack of miller. enjoy what you have, man.

back to untitled:

i shot my address back and about a week later, this shirt arrived.

it’s heavy duty, 100% cotton. perfect for wearing under your leather jacket on a brisk summer afternoon in london. or a cool autumn evening in new orleans…. the print is clean and cool and i’m going to wear the s**t out of it. thanks, folks!

be sure to check out untitled motorcycles and see the clean bikes they build. they make mostly beemers, but just finished a nice kz1000 all the big sites are falling over themselves for.

meanwhile, i’ll be waiting for the next garage builder to email some cell phone pix with promises of beer should i ever visit his town….

untitled motorcycles t-shirt graphic

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