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new orleans history

a rainy morning. a sunny afternoon. the death that brings life that brings freedom. that liberates the soul from mundane thoughts of machinery and drugs and threats. taken two and one-half months ago on land that is now known as “the battle of new orleans:”

the british thought they were hot stuff after burning washington d.c. they were not ready for what was waiting as they tried to invade new orleans. poised to change the world were general andrew jackson, militias from tennessee, kentunky, mississippi and louisiana. the u.s. navy sent a gunship and the marines fired muskets faster than any ever had. the 7th and 44th infantry fought with the native american chocktaw nation comprised of fighters from as far away as indiana.

who was here first and how hard did they fight?

the chocktaws ran raids in the middle of the night. that screwed with the brit’s heads.

more than 2,000 british redcoats were killed or wounded and several hundred more were captured on the macarty plantation. the americans lost eight and 13 were wounded.

this cemetery holds members of the civil war. north and south. black and white. buffalo soldiers. more.

it is located on the battlefield of the battle of new orleans, which happened weeks after a treaty was signed, ending the war. stupid al gore. shoulda invented the internet earlier.

it is alleged that because the plantation was owned by the family of a woman who mutilated slaves and fled her royal street home in the french quarter hours before a mob of angry residents carrying axes and fire arrived to kill her, she came here.

this is a biker blog. i will leave that to the students of history and voodoo.

it also became a community of free black folks that was 200 strong. little is to be found about their neighborhood. it was. now it isn’t. it was called fazendeville. probably because it was populated by free black folks and nobody cared to document their liberty.

just a faze…

all those pix were from my mobile phone and i was getting drunk. better than standing around an art studio with art **** and why didn’t anybody bring beer? what’s this michelob ultra sh*t? no, i don’t want a f***ing heineken. that’s for women and lucky, rich white men.

what i know and what i share are difficult to to compare.

now for something completely different:

google sucks for getting rid of the cache function on links. i can search in my browser now, but it’s more click this, do that. bulls**t. wasn’t technology supposed to make things easier?

only for those who control it.

i have a new voice. am i the only one?

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