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nate spainhower | custom paint, pinstriping, and gold leaf artist

bikerMetric has a new advertisers, and the first is Nate Spainhower.

He’s probably not going to dig being called an artist, but I’m looking at all his stuff and I calls ’em like I sees ’em. It’s a compliment.

Nate has been a professional painter for 14 years since graduating from college. His work has been printed in magazines such as Barnett’s, Hot Bike, and Easy Rider, and he painted the winning “Hoosier Daddy” bike by Jay Hart for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off in October, 2005.

Currently, Nate is the paint slinger and friendly sales rep at Ardcore Choppers in Indianapolis where he’s kept busy thrilling customers. He says he rides his XS650 chop “whenever I can, even if that means freezing my *** of to do it.”

He specializes in traditional paint techniques and is heavily influenced by custom paint styles of the ’60’s and ’70’s. Recently Nate began “branching out with less conventional graphics and throwing symmetry to the wind.”

Excellent! The perfect bikerMetric advertiser. He is not producing conformity!

Nate also manages Ardcore’s blog, Tig Splatter, and works with Juan Carlos on their personal blog, Suicide Wheels.

You can find Nate on facebook, and of course on his pro painting website natespainhower.com.

As always, if you contact Nate, please tell him you found him on bikerMetric.

Thanks for partnering with me and supporting my mad metric world, Nate! Here’s to your joy and success.

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  1. Juan Carlos is my hero. Haven’t met Nate yet, but I think his work can speak for itself. Very nice!

  2. Nate is a mad scientist and good people.

  3. Nate is more than awesome at what he does and he is a true professional!

  4. ooo! mad scientist convention! who has the number for thaddeus venture?

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