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motorized bicycle by art deco motorcycling

At first glance this bike looks like it’s 110 years old and French. It’s not. This bike is less than a year old and it’s origin is Hungarian.

nimble - right | art deco motorcycling

Our friend Szakal of Art Deco Motorcycling and his sons were at it again. The frame of this little machine was 100% hand built by Szakal and he calls his creation Fürge (“Nimble” for the English speaking). I imagine it is very nimble.

nimble - motor | art deco motorcycling

nimble - headlamp | art deco motorcycling

Art Deco Motorcycling is a three-time winner of the Hungarian Custom Championship and this bike is powered by a 125cc motor of indeterminable origin. From what I’ve discovered, the motor was found in a wreck and is from an agricultural machine of some sort. A grinder or sorter or something. It is not a motorcycle engine. I’ll endeavor to explain more of the origins of the motor but until then, please enjoy the pretty pictures.

nimble - left | art deco motorcycling

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