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I emailed Marc at Kilby Deuce earlier this week and asked him if he’d like to get pimped on bikerMetric. **** yeah, he would. So we traded some emails.

bM: What got you into making custom motorcycle parts and how long have you been doing it?

M: I’ve been making parts and doing repair ever since I got my first mini bike as a kid. I started designing and making parts out of lack of money which lead me into making investments in tools that enable me to build what I want.

One of my main goals when I started building handmade motorcycle parts was to learn enough to help the people around me. That goal was met and it’s still fun.

bM: Cool. Where does the name Kilby Deuce come from?

M: Kilby is the neighborhood where my love for two-wheeled machines started and is the place I grew up. Deuce is for “two wheels.”

bM: And I was hoping you might have meant Deuce McAllister. Do you plan on building a metric or Brit bike in the future?

M: I would love to and hope I can start another build soon. One of the builds would be a CB750 girder with a king and queen set-up.

bM: Crazy, man. What kind of beer do you enjoy and when?

M: For general purpose I like the cheap stuff like Nautral Light, Busch and Papst, but when the feeling of excellence is present, I do as the most interesting man in the world does, Dos Equis!

bM: Excellent, Marc. Thanks for playing along! Keep kicking *** and keep sending us more stuff. It’s what our readers want. I think. Only 29 have voted this week but two thousand have come by, stayed an average of four minutes, read three pages and took everything we had to show them, giving nothing in return! Oh, the humanity!

This sh*t ain’t free, motherf***ers. Participation is required.

VOTE in the poll or more of this:

Seriously. Hundreds of you guys come by here every day and only eight of you voted today? If you think pink crotch rockets and Ed Hardy kids are bad, wait until I really try to motivate you.

The beatings will continue until morale improves!

Levar Burton is just the start. Also, if you’ve got something you want to see or write about on bikerMetric, email trent at bikermetric dot freaking com. I apologize for that not being an easy link. It is the best way to thwart the spam bots who all must die!



Cool. Marc just sent some nice photos of a bike.

“Here is a set of bars I did for a Suzuki hardtail. 1 1/8″ risers tapered to 7/8” controls. Also “Friscoed” the tank with my tank mount kit, grommet inserts and fuel sight gauge kit.”

It looks good.

The bars are a style I’m seeing a lot of right now. Rock makes a similar set. I’ve always been a drag bar rider but I really like the style of these. They’re evil. That’s good.

Fuel sight gauges like that are killer; it’s about the mechanics of them as well as the inexpensive cost and the knowledge that it won’t ever bust. That’s what a chopper is about.

Visit Marc’s site at Kilby Deuce to see more of his work.


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