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kawasaki kz650 by fabwerkz

Got another email the other day, this time from Chris Emmons of Fabwerkz in Dayton, Ohio. What he brought to the table was two pics of a custom 1977 Kawaski KZ-650.

Chris and his father built the bike from the frame up. Chris is using the bike to promote his new business, Fabwerkz, a small design and machine company. Chris is a machinist by trade and he designed and machined a ton of the parts.

Custom designed and machined parts include the trees, pegs, shifter, clutch, and more.

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  1. Nice job ….Many try to produce a custom, but few hit the mark for what it should look like. I like your vision here. Artistic to the eye.

  2. Every time I see an old KZ 650 I think it might be mine that was stolen back in 1984 there abouts. lol Anyway, I really like this build. Love the lines and finish. BTW Anybody want to by old KZ 750 B twins ? They would make great bobbers.

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