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kawasaki kz200 | dariztdesign

Faiz Darizt is no stranger to bikerMetric. He’s as much a fan of bM as I am of his work.

Trent said it best in his last April Fools Day post:

“the brothers at dariztdesign are self-taught and spend countless hours researching and learning about everything related to custom metric motorcycle building, from painting and airbrushing to metal fabricating and frame building. with each build they seek to create something unique.”


On bM, DariztDesign has put on a show of all things small displacement including a Honda GL100, a Honda CB125 bobber, a Kawasaki KZ200 brat bobber and a Kawasaki KZ200 cafe racer. Let’s not forget these guys built the runner-up in the 2011 bikerMetric Dead Banker Award for Excellence in Sticking It To The Corporate Man with their orange Honda CB100 bobber.

Now DariztDesign has one more Kawasaki KZ200 up their sleeve, and this one’s just as drool-worthy as the rest of them have been. Ladies and gents, put on your bibs!

So what do we have here?

The engine in the latest DariztDesign build is from a 1981 Kawasaki KZ200 and was bored up to 250cc.

The frame, swing arm and linkage, gas tank, seat, fender, foot and forward controls, handle bar, as well as the exhaust pipe were all made by DariztDesign. Likewise, the paint was done by Darizt as well.

Front and rear tires both 19 x 3.50 mounted on 19 x 1.85 rims. Both hubs were taken from a Kawasaki KLX 150, and both brakes were taken from a Yamaha YZ80.

Unlike previous DariztDesign Kawasaki KZ200 custom builds, this one has no battery. The box is for the CDI and the ignition key. The tail light is from a used spark plug and LED light from a lighter, powered by a small watch battery. Yup! I’m feeling that. Keeping that “less-is-more” simplicity in mind, can you guess where the hand grips are from? Did you say a bicycle? You’re right!

Adrian S.

Be sure to check out more from DariztDesign at their blog.

Again, here are those past Kawasaki KZ200 builds by DariztDesign:

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  1. Black Bike Mike

    Awesome builds really inspiring for those with low budget

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