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it worked!

Got the “nice” story about our FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE out to Alex at el Diablo. Now to craft a few questions for Dave and get his interview rolling.

Two new guys showed up yesterday! Well, one new guy and one graybeard. georgethepainter was a member/follower of my old site and he’s been tooling around the country with his old FXR.  One day at the end of May, at Dave’s suggestion, Mister Painter visited my old site and read this post. He dug my crazy sh*t and since then we’ve traded a few emails and a few phone calls. He’s hurt his foot up in Washington state so wish him well. Riding with a busted wheel sucks. Here’s a picture of him, in case you see him on the road:


The next FNG is briangrisez. I can’t tell you much about him, except that when I Googled his name, this image came up #1:


Thanks for dropping by, mofos!

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