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hooray! followers! stats! thanks!

Dudes. I’d like to welcome kick only to bikerMetric. Dig his blogs at Suicide Wheels and TIG splatter. This is his bike:

wizard sleeze | ardcore choppers

Yes, it’s the Ardcore Wizard Sleeze. Kick only is a valuable employee of Ardcore Choppers and a **** of a dude. Thanks for signing up, man!

His boss, Jon Ard, is another straight-shooting guy (yeah, he shoots a lot) and his interview is going to appear here on Tuesday. It’s going to be great. Look out for it.

New members lead to how the site is growing. bikerMetric has increased readership 485% since December 15, one month after I became editor of this not-so-humble little web world. We’re getting 20,000 pageviews a month right now and I want to thank all of you for your support, sign ups and links. The underground metric revolution is happening right here. It’s garage-built freedom machines of manic beauty and rage!



Please keep commenting, hit those reactions and email me if you’re smart enougnh to figure out how!


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