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holiday customs xs650 bob-a-chop

discovered this very interesting yamaha xs650 chopper built by jared johnson at holiday custom motorcycles in portland, oregon on ted’s xs650chopper.com.

i really dig the lines of the frame and the cross of the exhaust. the saddle reminds me of childhood riding a banana-seat bike in 1974.

rather than steal anybody’s thunder, here are a couple of big pix for you guys. the photos were taken by neil dacosta. check out jared’s blog and ted’s site for the story behind it.

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  1. Almost fantastic…. I keep waiting for the exhaust to grow on me, but I’m just not digging it! The frame lines are awesome, the seat sits perfect with just the right shape and size tank, loving the bars… but the curvey pipes put me off.

    Hats off to Jared for a great build, checking out his site shows he’s done a few… keep building ’em as you want to, shouldn’t build ’em for anybody else’s desire but your own … unless they’re paying ;o)

  2. it is original and classic at once… the bars are perfect as the bike appears..seat/frame line is a work of art.it flows into a very well orchestrated
    build.the pipes, somehow actually work- at least from some angles but still –
    ya gotta admit- a very fresh approach to the stable of growing Y650 inceptions .

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