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On Sunday I posted a photo of a slick CB750 bobber that I found somewhere. Somebody told me it may be a cafe racer. “Whatever, dude,” I replied and we laughed as we drank our beers. Still, he may be right. At first glance it looks like a bobber, but the foot position is a little far back and the clubman handlebars are currently all over a million cafe bikes.

Our convo got me thinking about the bike and the builder. It wasn’t really a cafe and it wasn’t really a bobber. After a little research, I found a lot more.

First, dig the sound:

I love that sound. When I owned my ’81 CB750-F SuperSport, it had a Kerker exhaust and sounded like that. The exhaust on this is very customized and very nicely done, with a tight 4-into-2 that wraps closely around the motor and ends underneath the saddle. It sounds angry. I like that, too.

It’s a nice blend of cafe and bobber. I’d paint it all black with red pinstripes. Like you didn’t know I’d like that.

Then I found this:

What a dirty little scooter, and I mean dirty. You’re going to get pebbles in your face and mud on your back when you ride this little screamer but man, you’ll look cool doing it. Also, I bet your *** stays nice and warm this winter while bopping around town with the positioning of the exhaust tips.

It’s also for sale. Check out Garage Co. Customs here and please tell them you read about them on bikerMetric.


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