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friday’s post of cool stuff #f***: oliver springs, tennessee

i tried to buy this town, but they would not take my trinkets. i had silver and bronze and turquoise jewelry forged by native navajo americans over 50 years ago and a debit card with at least five bucks on it. f***ers.

after we’d decimated their population and taken their land, pitting up fences everywhere, i reminded these men how this ring was sold on an old two-lane highway which ran through the arizona desert and was probably worth that killer vw beetle they had. i even added my new pair of kick a*s boots. stupid tennesseeans. i wanted stuff and still had socks. they wanted what they had and everything had a “not for sale” sign on it.

no wonder their town is dying.

it is called oliver springs. there were some cool vehicles and bada*s old haunted buildings. there were well care-for mansions. only the cop shop and a gas station were open. i don’t care to write much more about this place. the dudes i met, who owned the town, wore suits. corporate men. even on a rainy day with my sunglasses on i saw how they smelled my contempt. i tried to hide it.

because behind one of their buildings was this and i want it:

there is so much right about our history and so much more wrong about what what has been done since this town became a few rich white people in 140 year-old mansions who travel to oak ridge or knoxville to buy things in their lexus automobiles. they could help but won’t. it could be a thriving town of indie biz…. but no.

figure out why they don’t want this beautiful place to succeed. if i tell you, i am a smarta*s and you will never observe to understand for yourselves.

see what is happening to america?

*** bless this nation. beautiful old towns such as this should not be dying. they should be thriving.

okay. i blame the chamber of commerce and rich white men who inherited their wealth and never earned it.

they are ruining our nation, our history, our dreams. they seek to censor the internet. they made their money. what do they care about yours?

or your children’s?

they have their trophy possessions. why would they sell them?

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  1. We agree! Such a beautiful place to be a ghost town. ;(

    by the way, we have a new post on our blog, you may check it out now. 乂⍲‿⍲乂

    Thank you! ツ

  2. Have you ever heard or read anything about Braddock, PA and it’s mayor, John Fetterman? Do a YouTube & google search. Pretty amazing dude trying to revitalize a town such as this…

  3. i dig it, mike. found this, http://15104.cc/opportunities and really enjoyed what the mayor is trying to do. he kind of looks like me. i love it. thanks for the info, man.

  4. You’re welcome. Here’s a pretty good presentation he gives:


  5. Man, I really dig the “Oliver Springs Wires” building (second to last photo). I’d love to turn that into a shop. It is frustrating to know that that could be granted to a start-up that would save it, maintain it, and love it again, but will most likely turn into a place for the homeless to get out of the weather, then ‘accidentally’ burned down…how wasteful.

  6. that vid is great. re-furbishing homes for kids who grew up in foster care and now stay and work in braddock? **** and yeah. i could go off on how that will create a creative community of people filled with empathy, but i think succinct works here. thank you again, mike. good to have you here.

    arm wresting for his paycheck. excellent. *** bless him.

    should not have related fairey to his obama work, though. killed the crowd there. i voted for that guy and…. well…. one word: liar.

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