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friday’s post of cool stuff! #4: saturday edition

This week’s post of cool stuff is on Saturday because Christmas was on a Friday and there was no way I was going to turn on the laptop. It was a day for family. Therefore, Friday’s Post of Cool Stuff was postponed until today. Dig:

This is a NEXX helmet. I see a lot of folks riding with old school helmets but few are actually DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. They’re called “novelty” helmets. I won’t mention brands because you all know. I suppose folks wear them to appear legal and retro/cool but they won’t do much to save your skull if you go bump at sixty when some douche swerves into your lane as they send a text on their mobile phone. I’m not one to cast stones, I’ve worn a little novelty skullcap since I lived in San Francisco because the cops there have better things to do than screw with bikers. I’ve found the same with Austin cops before Texas repealed the helmet law.

If you are in need of a helmet and don’t want to look like everybody else, check out NEXX. They’ve got great designs that have a retro feel as well as a plethora of innovative modern styles. Some are full-face, most are open-face. They come in tons of killer colors. They meet and exceed EU and DOT standards.

Santa’s helper hasn’t left my house yet!

I don’t have much to say about this bike that hasn’t been said other than the dudes at Southsiders wanted to build something that was “a mix of Batman’s motorcycle with a T-Rex fastback and a general feeling of Catwoman’s curves.” I’d say they accomplished their goal.


It’s Them Crooked Vultures comprised of a guy from Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age singing and playing guitar with the bass player from Led Zeppelin and the drummer from Nirvana. Their first gig was here in Austin a few weeks ago. That was fun.

I have never been a big fan of cats and I’ve always thought Garfield was lame but ****. Meow!



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