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friday’s post of cool stuff #24: the letter b

Okay motherfloggers, it’s Friday and I managed keep all my limbs for one more week. Hooray for me!

Hooray also for George the Painter. I’ve been a fan of his two-page rants in the Horse for years. Seems my associate and bikerMetric contributor Dave hipped him to our metric madhouse and he emailed last night to say, “nice sh*t man.” Speaking of nice sh*t, George is really a great impressionistic realist with a paintbrush, and is truly unique. Check out this piece, “BJ.”

BJ | gtp

I pity the fool who has never seen a babe give them that look in real life.

Thanks for the compliment, GTP.

Below are a couple of stickers that Falstaff beer came out with in the early 70’s. They made a bunch with Fearless and *****, most with Fearless holding a foaming beer can while doing things like riding horses and water skiing as ***** holds tight. Good girl.

fearless and ***** on a motorbike
falstaff beer's fearless with submissive *****

You guys see the theme for tonight yet?

beer babe *****

screw magazine - when hours of pornographic entertainment only cost one dollar
horse magazine smoke out xi
“Things that start with B!”


brough 800cc silent four

A Brough-Superior Silent Four cutaway. B**chin’!


periodic table of beer styles

Belgian! Barleywine! Brown ale! Bock!

Bad babe with spank-burned buttocks and a blue-eyed blonde side-****…. boing!

More bikes:


And to end this crazy missive with a perfect circle…


Click this link to purchase this shirt. I need the money for beer.

All right. Things that start with B playtime pause. After a marathon phone call with Jeff, we nailed down a list of final details to do for the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE to make the guy who designed the darned thing happy.

Also been sorting through a ton of emails from photographers who are interested in shooting Friday’s FREEDOM or DEATH Motorbike Bash. Think I found one.

Jeff painted the tanks tonight and created a killer sprung passenger pad. I’ll have a short build update tomorrow.

More boardtrackers:

xs650 boardtracker

Sweet dreams, everybody.


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