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friday’s post of cool stuff #15: saturday edition

where's the babe?

Seriously. Where IS the babe? Where did all the babes go? Are all you guys chronically single guys? Do you need assistance in scoring babes? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

NOW OPEN: The bikerMetric School for the Babeologically Challenged. Courses include How to Make Your Inner Dork a Popping Cork; Freeballing 101; How to Make Her Like Beer on the First Date; and Getting Rid of Her Cat Without Being Suspected.

Classes enrolling soon! Contact us NOW at 1.800.YOU.TOOL and mention your chronic halitosis for a free jug of bM mouthwash. It tastes like Schnapps!

But wait! There’s more! Be one of the first thousand students and receive not one, but two phone numbers of hot chicks waiting to talk to you!

$1.99 per minute – Long distance fees may apply – Not valid for students from Indiana and Minnesota for some reason.
****** off pete | blastolene bros.
peterbilt hot rod interior | blastolene

You may have seen this wicked Peterbilt hot rod. It’s from the dudes at Blastolene. It’s a chopped Peterbilt Model 351 cab with an 852ci two-stroke diesel by Detroit housing a twin-supercharged V12 mated to an Allison 4-speed automatic transmission from a Greyhound bus. Say that three times real fast. My blood pressure rises just reading it. The beast produces 500 horsepower and 1000 lb/ft of torque with a redline of only 2,800 rpm. Grr, baby.

triumph desert racer

Triumph drag bike desert racer thingamabobber, the Salt Ghost!

garage built honda cm400 chopper

Don’t see many Honda CM400 choppers, but here is one somebody lives on. Excellent.

super cycle to burn books and smash records | modern mechanixjune 1936 | modern mechanix

The motorcycle of the future, from the past, viewed from the future that was never imagined in the past, simultaneously turning time upon itself with dreams that have yet to happen, making us all wormhole travelers to an alternate universe of unrealized potential.

Stupid quantum mechanics. Always never making any perfect sense.

Gotta have my Pops!

the wife and kids are killing me! i gotta get outta here!

See that cool flying eyeball pin? It’s 3¼”wide, made of solid pewter, costs only ten bucks, and is 100% made in Canada by a real space alien addicted to root beer floats. You think I’m kidding. The crash-landed alien who made the pin has many other designs that include 5¾” wide badges with hand-painted eyeballs and bolts you can slap on your bike or drill into your forehead. Check out flyingeyeballs.net and get yerself some gosh darned flying eyeball doohickeys.

Hope everybody had a kickass Friday. Here’s to a killer weekend. Remember, world domination starts with making just one hot chick believe everything you say.


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